The online business needs more dedication, devotion, and exposure than the offline businesses. You need to take care of various design and user experience factors to build up an online presence. The sole purpose of setting up an online store is to sell products and service. So, the revenue you generate with your eCommerce website determines the success.

The increase in sales is not just because of the quality of a product or services. The customers need to consume the store items and then form an opinion. The addition of helpful features helps you achieve the ease and comfort of end consumer. An appealing web design comes next to the features in facilitating customers. Here are some of the features that may help you in achieving success in your online ventures.

1. Advanced Search

A search box in the header of sidebar of your website is an effective feature in engaging customers. They can easily find products on your website. It is a feature to save their time and get access to all the products that matches their query. The features of advanced search turn your store into a product search engine. It helps customers to click through a list of products and reach a desirable page. Users can type a few characters and get results in suggestions.

2. Appealing Design

The design of an eCommerce website is quite different than a blog or a website. The core purpose of building a store is to showcase products. It must avoid the use of creative work and stick to the business goals. Adding too many colors or themes that have hidden meanings may not work.

Designing a page with glamor may benefit a fashion shop, but not the one with general electronics. You can put in place the use of creative typography that touches people’s mood. It also instigates them to read the text rather than putting a glance over the images only. You can consult a designer for beautifying your store with the best available WordPress plugins.

3. Easy Sign Up Procedure

The eCommerce website needs customers to get registered for a smooth shopping experience and avail the advance features. A user account enables them to place orders easily and tracks back the progress of each order. Some of the users are reluctant to fill a long form to sign up for an account. The successful stores have friendly sign-up procedures. It may be either register through social accounts, email addresses or cell phone numbers. It helps them easily remember the sign-in details so that they do not have to remember the passwords.

4. Related Products

Displaying related products in a sidebar or a block is one of the most appealing features that are equally beneficial for the merchants and customers. Visitors that land a product page likes to browse the store further, if they are happy with the features. The display of similar products or relevant posts is among the most demanding features.

The addition of relevant products can help merchants to help users in buying products. If you are not familiar with the significance of extensions, you can read the tutorials to start with.

5. Setting Multiple Payment Gateways

Having multiple payment gateways ensures a higher conversion rate. Paying for products through a reliable source is one of the major constraints that a user faces. The payment procedure of small businesses is well defined as the users can pay cash or via local banks. The situation becomes difficult for a multiregional e-commerce website when they have to configure multiple payment gateways. PayPal is a reliable payments solution, but not available in some of major revenue generating countries. The successful entrepreneurs have effective alternatives in place to serve customers from different regions with easy payments.

6. Zooming Images

Most of the stores manage to edit images to make that more appealing. To get the real picture of a product, a user needs to zoom in the images. Adding the feature of zooming images can do wonders in merchant-customer understanding. It removes any ambiguity about the quality, color, and design of a store item. An e-commerce web designing company can add such features to gain trust and loyalty of buyers. With a zoom-in option, you can allow customers to view the high-quality product images.

7. Live Chat

The live chat feature allows users to interact with sales and support team. It replaces the conventional time-consuming methods of emailing a query or calling an operator. it can help the online stores in increasing sales by answering visitors’ queries in real time. The happy visitors are more likely to place orders than others. The instant support is quite fascinating for them to return for more shopping. A simple extension of live chat can save you the cost of handling customers’ queries.

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