Some people are really blessed with great vision that they are able to visualize how perfectly they can decorate or re-decorate space. However, then there are others who are not really into a decorate-the-home thing and thus when left on their own, end up making pricey design mistakes. Now, who would like that None, right! This is the reason why home-decor shopping mobile apps (image-based apps) have carved their niche among people’s hearts. In fact, with these home d?cor apps being for your rescue, the idea of designing home yourself won’t scare you to bits anymore. More and more people are embracing this new trend for home decorating.

These home decor shopping mobile apps offer plenty of ideas and options to design home, suggesting what-would-best-suit-where and also offer wide-ranging home d?cor products that can be purchased within the app itself. With the use of the latest image technology, these home-decor mobile apps enable users to be a little more design-savvy. These apps offer a variety of features, thus granting its user the ability to visualize things like a pro.

Features for Home Furniture Shopping Apps:

Catalog Display: This list should display the whole range of products your business offers, so customers can easily find their way to what they’re looking for. This is one crucial feature of these apps as it increases the product purchases because often customers go ahead and make a purchase simply by viewing the product image.

Order & Delivery Management: This feature allows the business to manage the orders placed within the app as well as the deliveries. In fact, the delivery areas can also be configured.

Advanced Push Notification: It is one useful feature that can be used to notify the users whenever a unique decor accessory has arrived in the stores or whenever there is an update in the product range, new offers, special schemes, etc. which will ultimately boost the sales.

Special offers, discounts & coupons: Integrate this unique feature to run exclusive discounts, offers & to sell aggressively.

Refer a Friend: Most of your marketing & promotional work will be done with the integration of this feature. It is advised to craft an attractive scheme as that will lead to more app downloads and product purchases via the online channel.

Advance CMS: This feature keeps the entrepreneurs up-to-date about their store. At the same time, you can share event pictures and blogs with exciting content that’s relevant to your home decor business. This leads to more traffic to your mobile app, website & web-app.

Multiple Payment System: Offers multiple payment options to the app users as that will be an added benefit for your business. Like you can offer debit/credit card, net banking, m-wallet, payment gateways like Pay, Paytm, etc.

Cash on Delivery: There are a certain group of users that find it convenient to pay on delivery, so increase your purchase numbers by integrating this feature.

Social Media Sharing: This is one vital feature for all of the online businesses out there. This allows you to share various brand campaigns for your home decor business on social media sites and this, in turn, will drive traffic thus ultimately increasing the sales.

Product Reviews: Whether it is offline (via word-of-mouth) or online (in the form of ratings, reviews, survey or feedback form) product reviews can greatly contribute to attracting more users.

Manage Shipping: This feature allows the business to ship the ordered products with the help of an in-house team or maybe outsource shipping service via third-party shipping service providers.

Deep Linking: This feature is great for marketing as it does a great job of promoting products on social media as well as drive traffic & sales to your app or products.

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