E-Business is a revolutionary concept which rocked the market. It totally changes the face and infrastructure of business domain. Actually it is an unique idea to use application for Furniture store. If you own a furniture store then this application will be like blessing for you. You can expand your business and sells using this application. You can sell your products online here and can earn more money than earlier. This application comes with outstanding features which will meet all your business needs and will be attractive for the users.

Now to get this application all you need, a team who can develop application for you can take care of all the process of the application. So don’t worry, be happy, you are at the right place. We are same type of team you are looking for.

Our team is efficiently able to provide you handy, reliable, fast, secured application of same type. So get application so amazing and loaded with features that will be so hard to miss. You just need to buy the application of your convenience and look for the services of your choice according to the application.

·  View the latest products of store

·  Get notified about the new offers and get discount

·  See nearby branches on google map reference to their location

·  View the photos of product, price range, specifications and more

·  Contact the store owner about their query in one touch

Revenue model

Online stores are like blessing for any product based organizations. One can start selling their products over internet with the help of websites and application. It is proved more profitable and good for business. With the help of applications global customers can access your products.

If you have a chain of furniture stores, and you are selling offline then customers mainly from particular locality can access your products. And if you are starting your online store additionally it will bring more customers for you which lead to more profit and your business will grow. If your products are good enough you will become global dealer of furniture.

There are another thousands of additional way through which application owner can earn money like he can sell Advertising space with help of Google AdSense or he can create job board on his application where recruiter can post their job or He can promote products as an affiliate.

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