Mobile App Development

Develop Custom Service Booking Application

Online Service Booking industry are getting influenced by latest technologies that are helping them manage their operation and server their client base in a efficient manner. So has the mobile app development trend changed, specifically  for consumers that are going more technology savvy. In general people are becoming more accustomed to constantly improving technological trends & have been proactively been using websites and mobile application for any of their day to day needs like travel, price comparison, viewing itineraries & online payments.

people are constantly upgrading their habits & less prefer to leave their comfort zones to get what they want & they enjoy to get such conveniences using technology.

Primetechsolutions as a company is well versed to provide desired solution in service booking industry by developing great scheduling app like Uber or TaskRabbit, let us explore together on how can we create wonders by introducing technology within your business. Use Mobile and Web platform to develop a service booking application, following are the high level features for a basic Service Booking Application

– Business Registration

– Business Profiling

– Service Management

– Service Booking

– User Registration

– Business Review and Ratings

– Accounting and Billing

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