In today’s global digital market, more companies than ever are using apps to improve interdepartmental communication, increase efficiency, and generate more relevant marketing strategies. However, bog-standard apps aimed at an industry-wide audience aren’t cutting it anymore. Research has shown that customized, company-specific apps can save employees around 7.5 hours of work each week. Here are a few benefits of using a customized business app.

Improved efficiency

There are plenty of apps that offer communication and scheduling services but in most cases, they are too generic. A personalized business app can provide a more comprehensive tool to help improve company operations by catering to the specific requirements and operations of your company. For example, you may want to integrate the app into the internal system you already have in place to add a mobile aspect and improve overall efficiency.

Better data security

Having a customized company app means that you are able to integrate more stringent security measures and data protection protocols at all stages of development. While security standards are generally going up in the app industry, it is more beneficial to have an internal data protection system set in place. This is particularly important for companies handling sensitive information.

Provides real-time interaction

Communication can be a problem for many companies, especially larger ones with multiple departments. Having a customized mobile app allows staff members to communicate instantly with each other to create specific plans and generate project strategies in real-time.

Increased productivity

The streamlined nature of apps means that interdepartmental communication, project planning, and workload organization will be quicker and more efficient. If employees are able to communicate instantly through their mobile devices, they are able to get more work done in a shorter period of time. Also, customized apps allow you to create a specific profile for each employee which can boost motivation by helping them to feel more valued.

Provides scalability

An app that is created specifically to match the needs of your company provides much more long-term usability when compared to generic apps. If your business experiences rapid growth, you will need an app that has features tailored to your business so they can be scaled up and expanded when necessary. Also, you are able to make changes to the interface, update any features, and fix bugs on demand which is not possible with apps that were designed externally.

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